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Communicate with Czechs


The relation to time and space

- Czech people wake up the earliest in Europe

- The Czechs are monochronic : organized and rigorous

- Personal space is restricted, but not easily permeable

- The perception of the distances is typical of a small country

A Czech proverb says : Cistota pul zdraví, which means : "cleanliness is half of health", which shows the importance that the Czechs grant to hygiene.   

However, the Czechs are not worried by body odors and they do not much use deodorants.


Greetings, first contact, appearance and stereotypes of the Czechs

- The Czechs physically look like Germans and Poles

- They are calm, reserved and distant to unknown people and foreigners

- They develop a complex of superiority with their Eastern neighbours

- Countries such as France, Italy or England overall have a favourable image


How to communicate with the Czechs and how to constitute personal networks?

- The Czechs mostly communicate in a verbal and implicit way

- Socializing with Czechs is difficult but necessary

- The Czech code of courtesy is subtle

- Humour, modesty and simplicity: three qualities considered to be fundamental

havel Former President Vaclav Havel or the Czech synthesis of the qualities awaited by a Czech person


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