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Czech language : vocabulary, alphabet, dictionary, courses and languages spoken by the Czechs


A difficult Slavic language

Czech is a Slavic language, not very related to French or English

The alphabet used is Latin, but it is enriched by some Slavic and Czech characters

The conjugation and grammar are complex

Czech is complicated by the large number of accented letters and a noticeable lack in vowels.

There are whole phrases without a vowel - although the likes of "Smrž pln skvrn zvlhl z mlh."

Funny sentence highlighting the difficulty of pronunciation of the Czech language

czech language

As with any language, using a few Czech words is polite and welcomed in shops and restaurants.

Languages spoken by the Czechs

German was traditionally spoken in the country, but English has become the communication language with foreigners. Russian is understood by the oldest generations, but for historical reasons it is advisable to communicate in Russian with Czechs

A few words and sentences in Czech

Dobrý den – Good day 
Dobré ráno – Good morning 
Dobrý večer – Good evening 
Dobrou noc – Good night 
Na shledanou – Goodbye 
Děkuji – Thank you (formal) 
Díky - Thanks (informal) 
Prosím - Please or You're welcome 
Kde je/jsou? - Where is/where are?

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