République tchèque

Czech national symbols: flag, emblem, anthem

The Czech flag is composed of two equal horizontal bands of white and red with a blue isosceles triangle based on the hoist side. The current Czech flag is identical to the flag of the former Czechoslovakia. drapeau-tcheque


The national emblem of the Czech Republic is composed of a quartered shield with lions and eagles.
The Czech national anthem, Kde domov můj?, has been composed by František  Škroup (1801-1862) with lyrics written by Josef  Kajetán Tyl (1808-1856). It has been officially recognized as the National Anthem in 1919.


Lyrics of the Czech anthem


Czech national anthem  "Kde domov můj?" (words of  František  Škroup and  music of Josef  Kajetán Tyl, 1834)


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