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City and regions of the Czech Republic


 The Czech Republic is divided into Bohemia (Čechy) and Moravia (Morava). The language and culture are similar, although some parts of Moravia are known for their specific accent. The Moravian culture is generally more friendly and laid back than that of the people in Bohemia. Moravia is also predominantly wine drinking while most beer is produced and drunk in Bohemia.

The capital of Bohemia is Prague (Praha) and the capital of Moravia is Brno, although it has no special administrative status.

Administratively Czech Republic is divided into regions (kraj) which in turn consist of counties (okres), each with an administrative center. The structure and powers of local government as well as the geographic layout of regions and counties is a topic of much political debate.

Main cities of the Czech Republic

City Number of inhabitants
Prague 1 180 100
Brno 366 000
Ostrava 310 000
Plzeň 163 000
Olomouc 100 000
Liberec 98 000
České Budějovice 95 000
Ústí na Labem 95 000
Hradec Králové 94 000
Pardubice 88 000


Cczech republic regions

Praha - Prague region

Královéhradecký - Hradec Kralové region

Středočeský - Central Bohemia region

Pardubický - Pardubice region

Jihočeský - Southern Bohemia region

Vysočina - Vysočina region

Plzeňský - Plzeň region

Jihomoravský - Southern Moravia region

Karlovarský - Karlovy Vary region

Olomoucký - 'Olomouc region

Ústecký - Ústí nad Labem region

Zlínský - Zlín region

Liberecký - Liberec region

Moravskoslezský - Silesia-Moravia region


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