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Říčany is a township some 20 km south-east of the centre of Prague, between the highway and the railway from Prague to České Budějovice. Consisting of a circle of villa quarters, the town is dipped in green and has three open-air swimming- pools and a recreational area in the Rokytka River valley. The environment has remained miraculousy clear here around so that a Respiratory Sanatorium for children has been working here for over a century. The history of Říčany is long. The oldest written hint dates back to 748 and is linked with the Premyslides. A dumb witness of those times is the Gothic castle ruin from the l3th century whose medieval fame ended by the Hussite victory. The Gothic beauty has been preserved in the frescos of the St Peter's and Paul's Church. A new life had begun with the restored city freedoms of 1575 to last only until the 30-Year War broke out. The new impulse roared in with the railway in 1869 and made Ríčany to regional economic centre soon. The ~opulation now reaches some 11,000. Ríčany has three high schools a sports area and a winter stadium. Out of the many sports clubs there is one that stands out-the rugby league champions of 1996. Bustling cultural activities centre around the Town Museum, the Centre of Culture, the Hus Library, the Tyl Theatre ensemble, and the Chamber Orchestra of Říčany. Many outstanding artistsactors, singers, musicians, painters, sculptors- have chosen Říčany which is so close to Prague for home. Each June Říčany lives up with the Peter's and Paul's Wake with accompanying cultural program. Říčany maintains freindly partnerships with towns in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, with student exchange programs and visits by artists and sportsmen. This friendly cooperation was awarded by the "Golden Star" of the EU. To sum it up, Říčany's attractions include countryside and vicinity of Prague giving it a potential for future.

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