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Management and leadership in the Czech Republics


Training, assessment and promotion

Vocational education is rare in Czech companies because its strategical role is not recognized

  • Traditionally, it was used to put aside the least productive people

Evaluations are badly perceived and judged little objective

Promotions are more based on the diplomas than on the experience


Leadership and team building

The decision-making processes are centralized, hierarchical and ineffective

Foreign managers should adapt to the local behaviors and seek fair and inciting compromises

The Czechs are accustomed to ceremonious and unproductive meetings

The meetings should inform the personnel about the projects of company

The management of the companies requires to control human resources and to secure the procedures

The Czechs accept the rules, but less easily the authority


Wages and motivation

The range of remunerations tends to widen

Money is a high incentive

The effects of the pecuniary incentives are limited from a certain threshold, contrary to the "cafeteria" pay system

The level of the wages depends on the nature of company, the position and the skills

Social benefits are less and less frequent, but they are appreciated


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