République tchèque

Negociation and partnerships with the Czechs


Preparing a negociation

It is not easy to organize an appointment with the right person

Personal introductions facilitate the conduct of business

The profile of the foreign negotiator will have preferably to answer various criteria in terms of sex, origin, appearance, function, etc.


Key-factors of success

Respecting local habits (courtesy, formalism, visit cards, appearance, etc.) allows to give a good impression

Some typical French business behaviors (discussions centered on business, commercial aggressiveness, various exaggerations) are not appreciated

Sometimes external factors will count more in the decision-making that the commercial offer in itself. As an example, an invitation to Paris may be an significative advantage in order to win a bid.

The Czechs value the cordialness of the relationship, the consideration which is carried to them and the technological prospects of the partnerships


Managing contracts and partnerships

Good personal relationships are crucial to succeed in the Czech Republic. It is recommended to find and support a Czech partner.

The "heavy" partnerships involve cultural risks and conflicts of interest which generally lead to failures

The Czechs partners are hard to manage and harsh negotiators

The non-respect of commitments is relatively frequent from the Czech negotiators, from which it is advisable to be protected

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