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Cross-cultural training: Czech Republic


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Our cross-cultural trainings aim at facilitating the stay and professional integration in the Czech Republic of expatriates. They can take place in any European city, in English, French, Spanish or Czech.

Our consultants for the Czech Republic

Helena Kasparova, 37, French and Czech nationalities
Sc. Po Paris, Post-Graduate diploma (DEA) in European studies, Master in IT.
Founder of the website www.democratie-electronique.org. Joint author of a book and market studies about management and business in the Czech Republic

David Chelly, 41, Founder of Centreurope.org, a website specialized in business with Central & Eastern Europe
Ph.D in Management Sciences, post-graduate diploma in Finance, degrees in Money and Banking, Law, Accounting and Sociology.
Author of several articles, market studies and books about business in Central and Eastern Europe


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