République tchèque

Modern history of the Czech Republic


1918 – 1938: So-called First Republic, time of economic prosperity and democracy

1938: Losing Sudetenland, Slovakia separated

1939: Protectorate starts: annexed by Germany results: closed University

1945: Prague insurgence (Pražské povstání), end of war, repatriation of Germans from Sudeten Land

1948: Communists take over government (having won elections in 1946)

1950s: Hard core communism

1968: Following a liberal trend of the 60s so-called Prague spring ends in an invasion by allied forces

1970s: “Normalization”, Charter 77

1989: “Velvet” Revolution

1993: Split with Slovakia


The importance of number 8 in modern Czech history

1918 – Foundation of Czechoslovakia after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

1938 – Slovakia breaks off, start of the so-called ‘Second Republic’.

1948 – Communist government takes power for 41 years.

1968 – Prague reforms stopped by invasion of allied armies of East-Bloc countries.

 1989 – ‘Velvet’ Revolution caused the fall of the communist government.

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