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architecture Opposed to the communist all-concrete and priority given to functional, immediate and cheap buildings of the communist time, the real estate projects multiply since 1989 in the big cities of the Czech Republic.

What kinds of apartments are available

There are basically three types of housing available.

1) The executive apartment/house starting at 20,000 Kč a month.

2) Studio or small apartment in an apartment block starting at 7,000Kč.

3) A room in a shared apartment starting at about 5,000 Kč a month.

Most expatriates share an apartment.

Selected Acronyms and Terminology

1 + 1 – one room plus kitchen (and bathroom)

2(3,4) + 1 – two to four rooms plus kitchen

1 + kk – one room with a “kitchen corner”

garsoniera (garsonka) – a studio apartment

Where to look for them

Offers of rent or shared apartments are widely available on the internet and also posted on bulletin boards in cafes attended by foreigners. Alternatively, you can go through a real estate agent (see advertisements in the Prague Post). Most agents charge a finder’s fee of one month’s rent.

Some pitfalls

If you are interested in obtaining a residency permit (see above) make sure that your landlord can or is willing to sign the appropriate documents necessary for obtaining the paperwork.

Ask for a contract in English if possible, or have it translated.


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