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Competitiveness in the Czech Republic: science, innovation, productivity...


Czech firms are restructuring

The privatization have produced limited effects on the performances of the Czech companies

  • Czech companies are performing worse than Czech subsidiaries of foreign multinationals

Because the Governments have preferred to avoid some radical and painful measures, the industrial reorganization has not totally been completed

  • Thanks to foreign investments and gains of productivity higher than wages increases, the competitiveness of Czech companies is satisfying

A qualified workforce, but rather unproductive attitudes

The Czech labour is qualified, well educated and relatively cheap, even if some skills are rare.

Commitment (especially towards foreign investors), sense of initiative, mutual trust between workers, customer satisfaction, will to communicate and ethics at work are low

  • « pretend to pay us and we will pretend to work »
  • « the one who does not steal, steals his family » (Czech proverbs)

The necessary reform of corporate structures and mentalities

The companies are more and more centred on their core activity, by giving up the nonprofitable activities

The corporate structures are de-bureaucratized and re-conceived

The workers are gradually familiarized with the problems of the firms and the ideas of satisfaction of the customer and service


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